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A Little Boy's Upgraded Bathroom

Every child goes through stages. They love characters, they have favorite movies, they love colors, etc. Another great option with peel and stick wallpaper is you get to change out your kids' rooms and bathrooms as their style changes without breaking the bank or burdening your significant other's mind with upgrade projects.

A great example is this little boy's bathroom. The Let's Dig wallpaper by DW/E was such a great way to change it in as just a half-day project. The before and after photos reveal that these slight changes had a huge impact!

This little boy clearly loves all things construction, and when we saw this little upgrade, we simply had to share. As every mom searching Pinterest late a night knows, a transformation on a minimal budget is just the best!

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Quote from Mom

We love the Lets Dig wallpaper by DW/E, but even better, my two-year-old was beyond excited when he saw it! That moment of pure joy from my son melted my heart. All we did was change the light fixture, add a new mirror, and then the wallpaper. We have received so many compliments by people that saw it! Our son's bathroom also happens to be the guest bathroom, so we needed something fun for him that was also classy for guests, and I think we succeeded!


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