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Not Your Grandma's Wallpaper

We know that every time you hear the word "wallpaper", you slightly cringe inside, thinking back to the floral pattern paper that lined kitchens and bathrooms in every hip grandma’s home. But with the newest revitalization of wallpaper people are becoming more open to the idea. That's why we had to share this amazing home project that one of our clients tackled in their Katy, Texas, residence.

James and Kris Buescher had just finished the building process on their very own home. They were no strangers to the home building and buying industry, but this time they were tackling their own build. The process was years in the making. DW/E was beyond excited to hear that they'd decided to feature our wallpaper in some amazing finishes in different rooms throughout their home.

We will post more info on the other rooms at another date, but right now, we wanted to showcase their master bedroom. Kris and her designers were looking for a statement piece to add to this space. They went with our Antique Chrome wallpaper – a bold and eye-catching piece, not for the faint of heart.

We hope you love the choice they've made as much as we do!


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