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Tips for Keeping Summery Wallpapers Relevant All Year Long

Ah, summer. Fun in the sun, days spent by the pool, and, if we weren’t responsible on said pool days, nursing sunburns with buckets of aloe vera (come on people, our mothers taught us better). 

Much like that sunburn, the summer heat just can’t be ignored, and neither can the style changes that come around during this time of year. The temperature peaked above 70 degrees you say? Break out the tank tops, denim shorts, country music, and fresh pedicures because that tank top and shorts outfit comes with sandals and those winter feet need a little TLC okay?

Not only can you bring some summer vibes to your wardrobe, but with our collection of tropical wallpapers like Vacay Mode or Cabana Boy, you can bring that fun in the sun mentality to your home or work space. The question you may be asking is, “How do I keep a summery wallpaper in-style all year long?”

If you’ve been thinking about installing a summery patterned wallpaper in a space in your home or office but are worried that its appeal just might fade with the season, here’s a few tips to be sure you still love the look of your palm leaves or pineapples even in the dead of winter.

1. Keep it Neutral

Choosing a summery wallpaper with a more neutral color scheme rather than a brightly colored one can keep you satisfied with your choice even months down the road. A neutral color scheme ensures your wallpaper won’t skip a beat when paired with the warm browns of fall or the cool grays of winter. Our wallpapers Tiny Palms and Palm Shadows are great examples of wallpapers with both a tropical theme and a neutral color palette.

2. Keep it Small

Take it one step at a time and start small. Instead of installing the wallpaper on the largest wall in your space, go for something a little more low-key. Our peel and stick wallpaper gives you the ability to rearrange and change your mind. Find a small wall in a bedroom, hallway, or reading nook and give that tropical print you’ve been eyeing a chance. If you find that its nuance has worn off by the time the first leaves of autumn hit the ground, go back to the drawing board without having wasted much time and money.

3. Keep it Subtle

We all know a pattern with bright green palm leaves or sunny yellow pineapples screams summer. But what if instead of a scream you went for a whisper? Wallpapers like Summer Romance from the Christina Chaccour collection, that feature sea blue waves stir up the unbeatable feeling of wiggling on that swimsuit and diving into cool crisp water to escape the summer heat. And while the heat and the lush greenery may fade, ocean waves and trickling streams remain constant friends throughout the year.

We hope these tips give you the confidence to pick a wallpaper that’s right for you and just go for it. After all, our wallpaper is about being yourself and creating a space that echoes that. Life is short, buy the wallpaper!

Best Wishes,
The DW/E Team


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