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Wild for Spring

Hello again!

We are so excited to show off what we have been working on so tirelessly here at the DW/E offices. Since launching late last year, we continue to be humbled and grateful for all of the positive feedback we have received on all of our collections and each new design we get to add to the site. As we all know, trends change just as quickly as our taste and minds do (thank goddess for peel & stick, right?) But we love a good challenge, so we will keep trying to navigate the space and lead the way for each and every one. Personal to you is our goal, each and every day.

This month we are launching a brand new collection containing over 20 new designs to welcome the first day of Spring. We all know that a good spring refresh is something we all look forward to and gives just the right amount of positive energy for any space. This is the time to clean the closets, switch out our countertop candles, and start looking for the new flowers going in the yard. Along with our spring cleaning come all the fun DIY projects we've been planning for over the winter!

Along with anything you have planned and scheduled, new wallpaper is THE WAY to go this year. Our brand new Wild for Spring Collection is already climbing the "most popular" ranks! On a mission to serve everybody's vision, our design team curated a beautiful collection of wallpapers that range in styles and colors.

We've highlighted some of our personal favorites below. To see the full collection, click here.

We wanted a fair share of florals because it is spring in this collection. We have designs that could easily be used in a nursery or even dressed up for a dining room wall. Flower wallpaper is a popular trend right now, and it's not going away.

A collection isn't complete without something for the lover of all things neutral. Wallpaper is meant to accentuate your home. It is there to take your decor and room up a notch. These neutrals do just that.

Wallpaper matches your decor, but if you are not wallpapering the full room, it is a good idea to match the wallpaper to your wall colors. We have included several designs with colorway options so that you can ensure everything fits together. We always recommend a sample to verify the colors.

We hope you love this new collection of wallpapers for your home as much as we do.

Best Wishes,
The DW/E Team


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