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Our Story

Our Story

As I sit down and make this attempt at sharing my story and who I am with you, I will be honest, I am really not even sure where to start.  When you really think about it, how do you share a lifetime of events in a single story anyway?  Do we really all have the time (or let’s be honest, the attention span) to really sit and share a story that long? If not, should I only share the highlights or the personal small details that are probably the real reason for anything? Should I have a PR agency read it first to ensure it’s "marketable"?

Choosing Kids’ Wallpaper That is Right for Your Children and Which Won't Be Embarrassing to Them or You As They Age

High-quality wallpaper can provide your home with the type of decorative style that you want and deserve. However, it can be hard to choose kids’ wallpaper that won't become outdated as your child ages or which may not seem appropriate for their age or the style of your home. This problem is one that may end up making you get multiple replacements for your wallpaper. But you can avoid this issue by following the tips below. They ensure that your wallpaper has a longer lifespan in a kid's room.

Age is Critical to Consider

The age of your children is something that you cannot ignore when deciding on kids’ wallpaper that meets their taste. Though you may have young children who want very kid-friendly decorations in their room, you have to realize that they are going to age out of these styles pretty quickly. Instead of getting patterned wallpaper that looks childish or inappropriate, you may instead want to find decals that you can place on the wall and replace as they age, providing many benefits including no need to replace your wallpaper later.

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