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Our Story

Our Story

As I sit down and make this attempt at sharing my story and who I am with you, I will be honest, I am really not even sure where to start.  When you really think about it, how do you share a lifetime of events in a single story anyway?  Do we really all have the time (or let’s be honest, the attention span) to really sit and share a story that long? If not, should I only share the highlights or the personal small details that are probably the real reason for anything? Should I have a PR agency read it first to ensure it’s "marketable"?

Upon successfully graduating from college (debt-free through a short retail career and penny pinching the poor gentleman at the bookstore every semester) I can say that I had one more answer than I did after high school. I knew one thing for sure. I did NOT want to own my own business! These people are crazy. The risk, problems, city and state codes to follow, departments to build, and not ever knowing the answer to what’s next … nope. Not for me. I took my work experience and fancy college degree and set out on my next quest. I was now dating my high school crush and he was stationed in Europe so I did what any responsible girl with all the answers would do, I went to Germany to live with him for a few months before he was scheduled to return to the states. What I now look back and remember as the best times of my life we traveled everywhere. On a very lavish military budget, we took a train every weekend to somewhere new. I had a new answer in my life quest! I LOVE to travel, probably even the same or more that I loved this boy!

In the years to follow, a lot has happened, and way too fast. I joined a family business, moved into my first apartment, continued being an awesome puppy mom, said yes to a marriage proposal, moved into my second apartment, bought my first car (!), got married, bought and moved into our first home (!), got pregnant, moved into our second home, had the world’s sweetest baby girl, lived my best life as a girl mom, got pregnant again and had the coolest little dude ever, and lived my best life as a boy mom! OMG, it all happened overnight and there were plenty of ups and downs, so do not take it as perfect by any means, but it was most definitely my own little fairy tale! I now had SO many answers. Traveling and seeing the world should be a part of everybody’s life; apartments are very small and impersonal; homes are way too expensive to decorate; it is hard to find cute boy stuff! Furthermore, online shopping and social media are the future for sure, and one size most definitely does not fit all! Everybody has a different story; I LOVE hearing others' stories; accent walls are everything ;husbands do not like Pinterest even though it is built on DIY but love home improvement stores (weird).

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