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Our Story

Our Story

As I sit down and make this attempt at sharing my story and who I am with you, I will be honest, I am really not even sure where to start.  When you really think about it, how do you share a lifetime of events in a single story anyway?  Do we really all have the time (or let’s be honest, the attention span) to really sit and share a story that long? If not, should I only share the highlights or the personal small details that are probably the real reason for anything? Should I have a PR agency read it first to ensure it’s "marketable"?

The Best Home Wallpaper Options for Those Who are Struggling to Decorate Their Home Properly

Wallpaper has become one of the most common types of decorative items in many homes because it is attractive, easy to upgrade, simple to clean, and inexpensive. However, there are many types of home wallpaper that you can choose for your home, each of which has different benefits that you have to take into account before you purchase them. As a result, it is a good idea to consider the high-quality wallpaper options outlined below to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase in this situation.

Paper Wallpaper – An Inexpensive Option

Those who don't want to spend a lot on their home wallpaper often find that paper is a great choice. This type was probably the most common option at one point and is usually what you see peeling away from the wall in old houses. Don't worry about that peeling action – paper wallpaper is actually surprisingly strong and can last decades if you take the time to keep it maintained and clean.

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