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Everyone Likes Options

Just like fine wine, wallpaper has aged beautifully. It's still as much of a classic as it was thirty years ago, but with a much more modern touch to it. Now you have options, textures, and even wallpaper without glue. Although there will always be the traditionalist that will want to purchase a paint roller and paste that wallpaper to their walls, we are proud to announce that it doesn't have to be that difficult anymore!

The birth of peel-and-stick wallpaper has taken this project from a professional installation to an easier DIY that will not become a Pinterest Fail.

The peel-and-stick wallpaper has a self adhesive backing that allows you to reposition it as many times as needed to get that seamless look. It comes in three different finishes – Matte, Plaster and Canvas.

Matte is a smooth, flat finish which shows off all designs and murals perfectly. It is recommended for a very light textured wall, or even a smooth one.

Plaster has a textured finish similar to sandpaper. Its medium texture allows for it to be more forgiving on a wall with a little more texture to it.

Canvas, which happens to be our personal favorite, is a classic finish. Its light texture allows for the easiest installation process of the three – it is very forgiving of first-time errors. This was also the first finish I ever installed, which made me realize that anyone could do it too! The texture also adds a bit of luxurious dimension to the wallpaper.

Hopefully, this helps break down the new wallpaper finishes DW/E is happy to offer, as well as the new technology of peel-and-stick wallpaper. Thanks for reading!



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