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Devon Levesque

Devon is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, and fitness enthusiast. Health and wellness is his top priority, as well as focusing positive energy, mindset and living live with no boundaries.

His most recent expedition to climb the highest mountain on every continent has left him in awe of the world's natural beauty. Inspired by the people, nature, art, villages and the feelings he gathered on each of his journeys - Devon has worked with us to bring his stunning "7 Peaks" collection to life. We hope these prints leave you feeling inspired and motivate you to chase your next peak.

You can find Devon on Instagram @devonlevesque

"I wanted the feeling I have while I’m exploring to spark me every time I walk into my home. That's exactly what this collection does."

What Inspired the Collection?

“The people, places, and experiences I’ve encountered throughout my journey to climb the highest peak in every continent.”

What does the phrase, 'find your peak' mean to you?

“‘Find your peak’ is a thought process to do the absolute best you can in any situation. ‘Find
your peak’ isn’t just about reaching the top, but also embracing the transformative journey that

What do you hope people feel when surrounded by these prints? 

“I hope people feel the curiosity to explore, expand their horizons, and stimulate their minds when they are surrounded by these captivating prints.”

 Why is it important to you to invite others into a world of adventure and determination?

“Discovering is a shared experience, and the journey is more enriching when it's undertaken together.”

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