Big changes with little effort

Peel and Stick Installation

It's never been this easy to make such a big change. Transform your space in four easy steps with our peel and stick wallpaper.

Prepare your wall:

Before installing, it is important that your walls are clean, dry and free of any noticable bumps.

After wiping down the walls with a damp cloth, take your screwdriver and remove any and all outlets and electrical plates, thereby allowing the wallpaper to adhere to a flat surface.

Roll our your paper:

Find space on a floor near the installation. Roll out the panels, and find the panel number at the bottom of every panel (this shows the panel sequence).

Tip: Staying organized and laying panels across the floor in a predetermined order helps prevent grabbing the wrong panels and installing in the wrong order or misaligning the pattern.

Gather your Materials:

  • DW/E  Peel and Stick Wallpaper
  • Tape Measure
  • (Provided) DW/E Squeegee 
  • Utility Knife
  • Pencil/Marker
  • Screwdriver (To remove flat plates and outlet covers)

Measure + Mark your Wall:

From the left side of your chosen wall of install, measure 25 inches over and mark it in your desired marker of choice (pencil, sharpie, chalk, etc.). The first step prior to installing your wallpaper is measuring the wall, in order to provide guidance when applying the wallpaper. 

*This allows a 1 inch bleed on the left hand side in case the wall is not perfect.

Apply the First Panel:

Starting at the top with panel 1, pull back 8 to 10 inches of the backing paper and expose the adhesive side. Stick the adhesive side down of the wallpaper to the wall, but don't forget to create a slight overhang at the ceiling to prevent unevenness. Using one hand hold down the top of the wallpaper against the wall as shown below.

Be careful to not pull on the wallpaper adhering to the wall as it may cause stretching and or tears, make sure to focus on slowly pulling just the backing paper. Continue pulling the backing paper all the way down until you hit the base board.

Once aligned, apply the rest of the panels to the wall.

Reminder: All peel and stick wallpaper will have approximately 1 inch overlap. When lining up the panels, move slightly to the left or right until you find the perfect fit or the patterns line up.

Tip: Make sure the adhesive side of the wallpaper does not pick up any debris, touch any carpet, or fall on itself, allowing for further repositioning. 

Smooth the wallpaper to perfection:

Slowly work out any error and activate the adhesive with the provided DW/E Squeegee. Go slow and be patient with this step as you do not want to accidentally tear any of the wallpaper. 

*As you install the panels, cut out all light switches and electrical sockets, ensuring the panel lays flat against the wall when adhering. 

Trim Edges:

Take your time with this final step. and make sure you to use a fresh blade. Using your provided squeegee hold the straight-edge firmly in place and trim the excess wallpaper.

Tip: Don’t throw away extra/ left over wallpaper because they can make use somewhere else. You can find ideas for your extra wallpapers by following DW/E’s instagram @dizzywithexcitement

Visual Learner?

Watch this step by step tutorial from our founder Felecia Dunn

Got commitment issues? no worries.

Easy, Harmless Removal

Moving out? Or just ready for something new?

To remove or reposition our peel and stick wallpapers, start at the top corners of a panel, and pull firmly, evenly, and slowly downward, working parallel to the surface. Be careful not to over-stretch the material. Do not allow the adhesive surfaces to make contact with each other as they are very difficult to separate without damaging.

That's it! Your walls are landlord approved or ready for the next masterpiece.