We have put together a list of our most popular questions to help you on your wallpaper journey. If you have any other questions that are not answered below, please email us at hello@dizzywithexcitement.com

Where are your products produced?

All DW/E  products are produced in The Great State of Texas. If you need us to be more specific, Dallas, Texas. 

Can I order samples?

Yes, of course! We highly recommend purchasing samples if you are deciding between multiple designs or if you want to ensure colors match your space. We offer to sample sizes, 12”x12” and 7”x9”. Feel free to order as many samples as you would like, although wallpaper is only temporary it still makes a large impact on your space so it is helpful to touch and feel the product before you purchase.

What are the texture options?

Matte is a smooth, flat finish which shows off all designs and murals perfectly. It is recommended for a very light textured wall, or even a smooth one.

Plaster has a textured finish similar to sandpaper. Its medium texture allows for it to be more forgiving on a wall with a little more texture to it.

Canvas which happens to be our personal favorite, is a classic finish. Its light texture allows for the easiest installation process of the three – it is very forgiving of first-time errors. This was also the first finish I ever installed, which made me realize that anyone could do it too! The texture also adds a bit of luxurious dimension to the wallpaper.

Where do you ship to?

At this time we are able to ship to the United States and Canada.

Is your wallpaper removable?

It all depends on the type of wallpaper you purchased. The Peel & Stick can be easily removed from a wall by simply starting at one corner and lifting the edge of the product. When you start to pull the wallpaper from the wall please do so slowly as to not damage the wall. If you applied your wallpaper to a less porous surface such as tile or glass it is recommended that you use a hairdryer to heat the material first and then remove.

Traditional wallpaper is more labor-intensive and will require the standard wallpaper stripping process.

You can read more about the removal process on our How To page.

Do I need to hire a professional?

Nope! We have installed wallpaper ourselves a lot and DIY would be our middle name if given the choice but we also know that not everyone is into that sort of thing. So although it is not required, you can hire a professional for the installation.

What if I need to clean my walls after wallpaper is applied?

Use long strokes to remove dirt more gently with the dry sponge, rather than focusing on spot cleaning. … Even with durable wallpaper, you still shouldn’t use an abrasive cleaner on the surface. Washable wallpapers can be easily cleaned with a natural sponge wet with soapy water, as long as it is wrung out very well.

How do I apply wallpaper?

You will receive instructions in your order regarding installation but inn the meantime you can read our check out our How To page and browse our YouTube channel for several how-to videos and tutorials

What surfaces can I apply wallpaper to?

Although slightly textured walls are no problem, smooth flat surfaces are always preferred. DW/E cannot be held responsible if any wallpaper is applied to a texture that does not stick. That being said, most applications should work.
If you have a textured wall begin by lightly sanding the surface down to prevent bubbling from occurring during application. Make sure to wipe the surface with a clean, damp cloth. Allow 24-48 hours of dry time before applying your new wallpaper.
Should you have a unique surface you want more answers about, please contact us at hello@dizzywithexcitement.com

Can you color match my wallpaper?

Of course, we can! Since all orders are made to order we are able to color match anything prior to producing. Just send our team an email at hello@dizzywithexcitement.comwith the wallpaper you love and the color you are looking to match. Our team of designers would prefer a paint color or Hex Color for the best match.

Can you deliver to a PO Box?

Your local post office would not be happy if we shipped wallpaper to them and we like to keep people happy. Please provide a residential or business address only.

Are there different types of wallpaper?

Yes, at DW/E we offer peel & stick and traditional wallpaper. Here is the rundown on the two types.

Peel & Stick - This is a temporary self-adhesive vinyl that can be removed from walls easily and at times with minimal damage to the wall. It’s safe to say that most walls are imperfect to a degree, and Peel & Stick materials have the unique ability to render those imperfections virtually invisible.

Traditional - Think Grandma’s house but with a more updated vibe. This is your classic wallpaper. It does require a wallpaper paste for application.