a little bit about us

What is DW/E?

DW/E stands for Dizzy With Excitement! DW/E is a family-run, custom wallpaper company fueled by passion for design and love for home decor. CEO Felecia Dunn has a lifetime of experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and team building, and has finally found her calling in printing wallpaper. Our mission is to transform homes and bring personality to any room, office or event venue. With a focus on customer satisfaction and confidence, we aim to provide a flawless experience from the second you land on our website to the moment you step back and admire the way our wallpaper has transformed your space. Join us on our journey to make every wall unique and memorable with DW/E wallpaper.

"I am all about love, embracing yourself, and the confidence of a successful shopping experience!"

A Letter From Our Founder

I am so honored and proud to share with you that a lifetime of emotions, stories, and experiences have led me to the answer to the longest question I have ever had. That question has always been “What do I want to do when I grow up?” Well, as I approach my mid-thirties, I finally have that answer. I want to print wallpaper! I want to build a team that allows people to transform their homes, and bring tiny apartments to life! I want to make all nurseries perfect memories and open up dining rooms across the world. I want to bring Paris into home offices and add a splash of color in every bathroom that needs the perfect touch. Dizzy with Excitement is a collection of wallpapers that will allow the home DIY’er to bring any vision to life. DW/E (Dizzy W/ Excitement) is proud to offer the most advanced technology in wallpaper printers and designs from cultures all over the world. We want DW/E to be easy, lovable, and most of all offer a luxury level product and service to those that may or may not be on a military budget. I am all about love, I am all about embracing yourself, and I am all about the confidence of a successful shopping experience! I hope you find the perfect wallpaper for your walls at DW/E and if there is anything I can do to help, I am a real person with a real passion and am always here for you personally.