Q&A With Tara Lilly

Tara just launched the Little Whimsies collection in collaboration with DW/E. We got the chance to ask her a few questions about what inspired the collection and her art style!

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We know what you may be thinking…are accent walls a mere fad of interior design’s past? We certainly don’t think so. Accent walls are famously known for their unique charm and eye-catching element that makes it stand out amongst its surrounding walls. They are the epitome of choosing to bring some extra life into a space without committing to an overwhelming wash of change over the entire room. There is no simpler way to add excitement and character to your space than some perfectly paneled wallpaper. While doing some research, we are entranced by the way modern architecture icons such as Legoretta have used color blocking, texture and placement to highlight an area of the architecture. Take a look at the image to the left of an example of Legoratta’s inspiring work:

One thing we adore about Legoretta’s craft is the innovative ways he was able to plan out the ways in which the shapes and shadows played with the colors added to the area. These are the simple foundations we draw inspiration from when considering drawing attention to a wall! With our plethora of prints to choose from, whether geometric or floral or stripes or even funky stand-outs, Dizzy has got you covered. Check out the ways in which we are styling our papers as accent walls:

"Tequila" from our Grit and Glam collection


from our Grit + Glam collection


from our Record Room collection

So… do you have a room in your abode begging to be taken from drab to fab? Well then, dear reader, it’s time to accent!