Dizzy with Excitement

Texture Sample Pack


Want an easy way to sample all of our textures? Pick up one of our blank texture samples packs. Each pack is filled with blank 5 x 7 textures so you can see and feel the difference of each texture!

Peel & Stick Texture Pack includes Canvas, Brilliant, Caviar, and Matte. 

Traditional Texture Pack includes Beads, Canvas, Matte, Mystical, Plaster, and Silk.

Adhesive Type: Peel & Stick

Product information


How do I install?

Visit our How-To page for detailed instructions!

How much do I need for my space?

Measure the width and height of the desired wall, round up to the nearest foot, and enter into the calcuator above!

Is it removable?

Our Peel and Stick wallpaper is easily removable and leaves no damage to your walls. Read our How-To page for removal instructions.

Traditional wallpaper requires the use of an adhesive that is not removable.

More Questions?

Check out our full FAQ page or send us an email at hello@dizzywithexcitement.com !